Non-Fiberglass Hydrophobic Industrial Noise Absorption Material

Engineered specifically for maximum noise absorbency and used extensively in the industrial and commercial field, QuietFiber® is now being successfully introduced into non-industrial environments where reverberant sound and echo is a problem, including:

  • Restaurants, clubs, bars
  • Hotel lobbies, pool areas, dining areas
  • Single family homes, condos, apartments
  • Kennels, etc., veterinary offices, pet stores
  • Churches, hospitals, schools

Non-fiberglass QuietFiber is rated at the highest noise reduction level of “NRC 1.00″ (noise reduction coefficient, higher the number the better).

Areas of high noise levels including sound reverberation can be resolved easily and economically by introducing QuietFiber into as much of the area as possible. The amount of noise reduction in highly reflective rooms will be directly relative to how much of the QuietFiber material can be installed into the room. QuietFiber is available in 4 ft. x 6 ft. sheets x 2 in. thick.

Simply cut QuietFiber with a serrated knife, wrap in a fabric of your choice, hot glue the fabric together, and put it in as many places as you can, i.e., under tables, under the bar, under chairs, on top of other areas that might be inconspicuous, even on a wall with fabric artwork or tapestry over it. Ceiling tiles may also be replaced with QuietFiber.

Unlike other fibrous materials or fiberglass which does not have the high NRC ratings that QuietFiber has, QuietFiber is “hydrophobic,” meaning it will not absorb nor combine with water. This is an obvious attribute should the material become wet or humid. This also allows frequent cleaning with a hose, i.e., dog kennels.
Additional benefits:

  • QuietFiber material is virtually fireproof. Having a U.L. rating of “0 smoke” and “0 flame” it more than meets any fire code.
  • Highest noise absorption rating of NRC 1.00.
  • Will not support mold.
  • Easy installation.
  • Full outdoor weather and U.V. tolerant.
  • Hydrophobic, will not combine with water.
  • Comprised of up to 90% recycled material. 100% recyclable. Non-fiberglass.
  • Entirely made in USA.

View the Simple QuietFiber Installation How to PDF
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